Fountain Mode can export to PostScript or PDF using the troff format as an intermediary. This requires only a troff program on your system, such as GNU roff. One advantage of this is that the internal pagination will match the output exactly.

Alternatively you can export using an external command-line program, which is covered further below.

Command: fountain-export-troff

This command, bound to C-c C-e t, will export using the internal exporter and typeset using a troff program.

Command: fountain-export-view

This command, bound to C-c C-v, attempts to open the last exported file. This works by finding the other most recently modified file in the current directory matching the current file base-name.

User Option: fountain-export-format

This is the target format for internal troff export. Valid options are Postscript (ps) or PDF (pdf).

User Option: fountain-export-troff-command

The name of the troff program on your system.

User Option: fountain-export-troff-extra-options

Extra option flags passed to the troff program. The default tells troff the to use UTF-8.

User Option: fountain-export-title-page

Whether to include a title page in export. This only affects the internal troff export.

User Option: fountain-export-number-first-page

Whether to include a page number on the first page in export. This only affects the internal troff export.

User Option: fountain-export-scene-heading-format

A list specifying the export scene heading format. Available options are zero or more of bold, double-space, and underline. This option only affects the internal troff export.