Exporting Using an External Program

As an alternative to the internal export system you can use an external command-line program.

Here are some recommended export programs:

By defining an “export profile” you can easily interface with an external program from within Emacs. A profile is essentially a shell command, interpolated with a selection of values:

The default command profiles are only intended as examples. You are encouraged to edit/replace these to suit your own needs.

Command: fountain-export-command

This command, bound to C-c C-e e, will prompt for an export profile. The first profile is considered default, so just hitting RET is a quick way to export in your usual way.

User Option: fountain-export-command-profiles

This option contains the list of shell command profiles for exporting. The first profile is considered the default.



Requires ReportLab for PDF export.


Requires PrinceXML for PDF export.