Syntax Highlighting

In Fountain Mode, each Fountain element can have Font Lock syntax highlighting toggled individually — or none at all. See (emacs)Font Lock.

In addition to faces for specific elements, Fountain Mode uses an Emacs feature called face remapping, which means the default face is displayed using the fountain face. This allows you to customize the fountain face just for Fountain Mode buffers. See (emacs)Face Customization.

User Option: fountain-highlight-elements

This option is a list of Fountain elements to be highlighted.

Command: fountain-toggle-hide-emphasis-markup

Bound to C-c C-x * this command will toggle the display of text emphasis markup. See Text Emphasis.

Command: fountain-toggle-hide-element-markup

Bound to C-c C-x !, this command, like above, will toggle the display of element markup. This means the leadings characters in section headings and forced elements.