Acts and sequences can be given meaningful section titles, giving you an overview of the story structure.

There are five levels of section headings. Scene headings count as the sixth level headings.

Cycle an individual subtree visibility with TAB. Cycle global outline visibility with S-TAB (shift-tab) or C-u TAB.

Command: fountain-insert-section-heading

Bound to M-RET, insert an empty section heading at the current outline level.

Command: fountain-outline-to-indirect-buffer

If you want to focus on discrete sections of your script you can open these in indirect buffers. Bound to C-c C-x b, this command clones the current section or scene to indirect buffer.

See (emacs)Indirect Buffers

User Option: fountain-pop-up-indirect-windows

Set this to control how indirect buffer windows are opened. Sometimes you might want to limit your focus to one sequence, other times you might want to look at two scenes in windows side-by-side. Set this option to spawn a new window.