Text enclosed in [[ ]] (double brackets) is parsed as a note, and is generally not included in export. Use these for keeping draft notes, research, feedback, etc.

C-c C-z

This will insert a note based on fountain-note-template (see below) beneath the current element, or if the region is active, surround the region with note delimiters (fountain-insert-note).

User Option: fountain-note-template

Template for inserting a new note. Passed to format-spec with the following specification:

  • %u user-login-name
  • %n user-full-name
  • %e user-mail-address
  • %x date in locale’s preferred format
  • %F date in ISO format
  • %P leave point here

The default %P - %n %x inserts something like:

[[ | - Alan Smithee 12/31/2017 ]]"