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Do What I Mean

Like many scriptwriting programs, in Fountain Mode pressing TAB will do the thing you mean depending on context.

This all might seem complicated, but the idea is by covering all the cases you don’t have to think about it.

Function: fountain-dwim

This command, bound to TAB by default, will perform different actions based on context.

  1. If prefixed with ARG, call fountain-outline-cycle and pass ARG.
  2. If point is inside an empty parenthetical, delete it.
  3. If point is inside a non-empty parenthetical, move to a newline.
  4. If point is at a blank line within dialogue, insert a parenthetical.
  5. If point is at a note, cycle visibility of that note.
  6. If point is at the end of line, call completion-at-point.
  7. If point is a scene heading or section heading, cycle visibility of that heading.